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  • Worry Hours
    Working in the health care field for the past 20 years I have heard the term “Worry Hours” repeatedly when discussing family caregivers. These hours are between 10pm and 1am when family caregivers, overwhelmed by the burdens of managing  caregiving … Continue reading
  • Plan to Have a Nice Day
    A 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and elderly woman moved into a nursing home. Though legally blind, the woman is always fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock in bright-colored clothes and makes sure that her hair is fashionably combed. Her husband … Continue reading
  • Mental Me – Mental You
    Here are some helpful Mental Health tips from my book Along Comes Grandpa  Have a signed Health Care Power of Attorney (POA) form. (Always have a copy accessible to you (home, car, purse, family member’s refrigerator). Even if you have … Continue reading

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Med Assist

Med Assist specializes in medical bill auditing and reconciliation. We take your statements and explanation of benefits and do a complete reonciliation. Upon completion you recieve a detailed summary of accounts. Please visit our website for more information.