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  • Me, Mom and Dancing with the Stars
    Today is a big day for me.  Nope, it’s not my birthday…tonight is the premiere of Dancing with the Stars. For many fans of the show this is exciting, however; for me and my Mom it’s an event.  Anyone who … Continue reading
  • FYI about POA
    Medical Power of Attorney (POA) is something each of us, no matter our age, should have. Frequently, people grant power of attorney to their spouse, children or siblings. POA goes into effect only if you are not able to make … Continue reading
  • Celebrate Small Victories
    Anyone who has had a loved one with cancer understands how stressful the ongoing 3-6 month marks are waiting to hear if the blood work and bone-scans were clear. When those we love have had ongoing health issues and it … Continue reading

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Med Assist

Med Assist specializes in medical bill auditing and reconciliation. We take your statements and explanation of benefits and do a complete reonciliation. Upon completion you recieve a detailed summary of accounts. Please visit our website for more information.