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  • Firefighters approach to Caregiving
    While watching one of my favorite shows, NCIS, the medical examiner, Ducky, uses the analogy of a firefighter when discussing the approach to finding a kidnapped girl with Special Agent Gibbs.  “Firefighters never run into a burning building, they walk … Continue reading
  • Don’t Panic
    It was 8:15am when the call came.  My Aunt’s caregiver was calling to tell me my Aunt had fallen and 911 was called.  I quickly got dressed and headed to the hospital.  Pulling out of the driveway while searching my … Continue reading
  • Family Feud
    Over the last 20+ years of my career I have seen numerous families torn apart due to issues related to caregiving.  The saddest part about it is these feuds could have been avoided if the elderly parents had taken the … Continue reading

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Med Assist

Med Assist specializes in medical bill auditing and reconciliation. We take your statements and explanation of benefits and do a complete reonciliation. Upon completion you recieve a detailed summary of accounts. Please visit our website for more information.